1. Join our Facebook Group

Our Facebook page is where we post reminders and events publically.

NU Cycling on Facebook

2. Attend a Meeting

Get to know us a little! Stop by room 002 in East Village at 8 PM on Mondays!

At the meeting, we'll add you to our internal Slack group, where we plan and arrange our activities.

3. Fill Out DoSportsEasy

We know everyone loves paperwork, but the university requires that you fill out the proper paperwork before you can come with the team.


4. Get a USA Cycling License

In order to compete, you must have a USA Cycling (USAC) License. There are 3 options.

  • Collegiate License $30/year will get you into every collegiate race we go to.
  • Full Domestic License $70/year will get you into both the collegiate races, as well as any other USAC race. If you are considering racing more than the 7-8 races per season (especially cyclocross events, of which there are many local races), you might consider a full USAC domestic license.
  • One-Day License $15/day will let you race for a single day. The kicker is that most race weekends are two day events, so in almost all cases, you'd be better off getting a collegiate license, which is valid for a full year.

If you have any questions about which license is best for you, please bring them up at one of our meetings!

Once you have your license, make sure you print out an Authorization to Ride form, and bring it to your race.

USA Cycling

5. Come Race!

Your first race is on us! (Minus registration fees, occasional lodging costs, and food). Let's be honest, the only things we cover are transportation and dues. Just let us know that you're coming with the team.

Watch Facebook and Slack so you hear about races in time.

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